Bikini Thief

Made In USA

Whitney Andresen

Some girls love shoes, some love bags, but for Whitney Andresen it’s always been bathing suits. Whitney comes from a family of boat captains and fisherman. She grew up on Cape Cod and the island of Martha’s Vineyard, surrounded by the ocean. As a child she spent summer days running around the island, listening to reggae music, collecting sea glass, and fishing off docks and boats with her dad, Spider. Jumping from land to sea to boat all day, everyday. She always had a bathing suit on, just in case there was a need to jump in the ocean.

It was this upbringing and the tapestry of colors, patterns, vibrations and people she experienced in her travels to beaches and cultures all over the world, and now her experience living in New York City, that influenced her to design swimwear and start Bikini Thief.

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