Front Lead Dog Harness (No Pull Harness)

Front Lead Dog Harness (No Pull Harness)


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Front Lead Dog Harness (No Pull Harness) Instantly stop your dog from pulling, choking and injury with the Be Bop Front Lead Dog Harness. Proudly made in the USA
Grand Prairie, TX


The Front Lead Harness© can help reduce some behavioral problems, such as “dragging” their person by pulling on their collar or other harness. It is also an excellent alternative for those dogs that will not tolerate a head halter. A dog that pulls with a collar is at high risk to injuries such as tracheal irritation and injury. The Front Lead Harness© by Be Bop USA will not choke your dog, nor will it allow your dog to pull. It aids in jumping and lunging problems associated with improper behavior and habits. The Front Lead Harness© also makes for more effective training when teaching a dog to sit, stay, down and come. The dog learns to trust and look forward to spending time with their best friend, because training has become a wonderful bonding time. Before you know it you and your dog will look forward to long relaxing walks in the park.

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From one dog lover to another let me assure you that much thought and care has been put into creating the highest quality pet products available anywhere. Integrity and value are woven into every product made by Be Bop USA. You can be sure that our customer service and 4 Paw Guarantee, will exceed your expectations and you will love outfitting your dogs in fun Be Bop USA products. All products are designed and made in Texas.

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