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UnderThere Bag UnderThere is a small bag with layers of security. The main zipper and the inner security zipper are hidden and open in opposite directions. Also, a security tether clips the UnderThere Bag to you in case the strap is cut.
Skooblevart, Inc
Eagan, MN


“UnderThere” is a consistent theme for this devious design! This svelte satchel will fit comfortably under your shirt or jacket, well away from a would-be pilferer. This is especially handy in high risk locations. The zipper is hidden under the snazzy flap. To open, you simply reach under the flap and unzip the zipper. If manages to get past our first barrier, that’s only half way. Your money is in a security pocket, whose zipper is hidden under the first zipper! Also, there is a security tether, clipping the UnderThere Bag to you in case the strap is cut.

It’s generally not worth the trouble to try to take something from this bag, so the thieves will look for easier, and less fashionable, targets.

UnderThere Features:

**The bag is 7" wide by 7" high.

**The main pocket is accessed through a zipper hidden under a taut fabric covering.

**The main pocket is 7" wide by 5" high.

**The security pocket zipper is hidden under another fabric flap and only accessible when main zipper is completely opened, (because they open in opposite directions.)

**The inner security pocket is 7" wide by 5 1/2" high and will hold your passport, cash, credit cards.

**A security tether clips from the bag to your belt loop, so even if the strap is cut, the bag remains firmly attached to you.

**A 46" strap.

**As with all of our products, 130°™ brand bags and satchels are made in the U.S.A.

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Company Info

Skooblevart, Inc. sells fun and unique travel items. Our journals have blank pages along with fascinating facts and tantalizing trivia about the country you’ll be visiting. Our 130°™ theft-deterring satchels engage multiple layers of defense so thieves are likely to look elsewhere for easier prey.
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