1" Glo-Flex Adjustable Collar


10 days
1" Glo-Flex Adjustable Collar Now you can see the light at the end of the leash! Superior reflective visibility in wet, dry, and, well, dark conditions
Grand Prairie, TX


With the Be Bop glow in the dark adjustable collar you can now “see the light at the end of the leash”. This collar uses the same reflective technology that is used on emergency response vehicles, as well as the jackets that firemen and other first responders use to keep them seen and safe at night.
Glo-Flex collars really do glow brightly and reflects! This allows for drivers to see you and your dog well in advance and keep your after dark walks or runs safe and enjoyable. Ever wake-up in the middle of the night and accidentally step on your slumbering pooch? With Glo-Flex…Problem solved! Many customers have reported how much they love to use their Glo-Flex in their homes for this very reason.


3/4" (10"-16")Glo-Flex Adjustable Collar
1" Sm(10"-16")Glo-Flex Adjustable Collar
1" Med(14"-20")Glo-Flex Adjustable Collar
1" Lg(18"-26")Glo-Flex Adjustable Collar
1" xLg(24"-32")Glo-Flex Adjustable Collar


Size and fit:

Measure your dog’s neck allowing 2 fingers to fit in. The collars are adjustable to fit a variety of sizes.


Company Info

From one dog lover to another let me assure you that much thought and care has been put into creating the highest quality pet products available anywhere. Integrity and value are woven into every product made by Be Bop USA. You can be sure that our customer service and 4 Paw Guarantee, will exceed your expectations and you will love outfitting your dogs in fun Be Bop USA products. All products are designed and made in Texas.

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