About Us

KeepAmerica.com is the online source for ALL things made in the USA.

Our movement began when our founder and CEO was searching for children's products for his kids. To avoid unsafe, imported products that were being recalled in mass quantities, he began searching for products made in the USA. To his surprise, it was not an easy task! This was the inspiration to create a site that will not only provide safe & high quality goods for the next generation, but a destination that all Americans can rely on for amazing American made products in all categories.

The vision for KeepAmerica.com is to become a household term for all things Made in America. While everyone is looking for the solution to solve our country's economic problems, we feel that Keep America is the perfect way for all Americans to do their part in assisting in job creation while getting amazing deals on top quality American made products!

No company is too big or too small to be a part of this movement. If it’s made in the USA, then it’s made for Keep America! If all American made companies come together, we can get the United States back to where it should be. Love America? Keep America!

Part of the dream is to create brick and mortar Keep America franchise stores which are at this time a direction for our future.

We hope you enjoy the shopping experience, share our message with your family & friends, and come back to see all of the new American made items that we will continue to add to our site!