Personalized Ballerina Bear Puzzle Stool Pastel



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Personalized Ballerina Bear Puzzle Stool Pastel Personalized stool for children.
You Name It Toys
Corcoran, MN


If your child loves dancing and she is your little princess, this is the puzzle stool for her! One of our most popular puzzle stools. Personalized with their name (up to 8 letters), it's a favorite! Our 1/2 inch puzzle pieces are sized just right for a child's small hands.

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We specialize in handcrafted wooden puzzles.

These puzzles are all individually designed using ½ inch thick maple wood. We machine cut and sand each piece with the use of a band saw or (scroll saw) and sanding disc.The puzzle pieces are then painted with brightly colored Our personalized name puzzles and dinosaur puzzles include extensive hand painting. All of our 9" x 11" Name and Picture puzzles can be made into a puzzle stool, or hang on a wall as a decoration without the pieces falling out.

These puzzles and puzzle stools are designed to endure years of use and become a real keepsake for any child.

Like you, we have special children in our lives that love to learn and have fun. As we watched our children grow, learn, and develop as individuals, we noticed that when they played with our puzzles, the activity held their attention and it involved us in their playtime. We saw how excited they became when they mastered a puzzle and learned basic shapes, colors, and letters through the process of completing a task.

We got into this business with the basic purpose of providing that creative outlet for other children, their parents, and caregivers. We also care as much about developing minds through puzzle play as we do about the safety of our products. That's why every puzzle and stool is handcrafted, hand-sanded, sized safe for even the smallest children and brightly colored with non-toxic paints.

Our award-winning, handcrafted puzzles have been displayed at some of the most prominent art shows in the country, on TV talk shows, and most importantly, have captured the hearts and minds of children of all ages across the country.

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