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Cocoa Vineyard Burp Cloth This burp cloth is designed with two panels that go over each of the caregiver's shoulders and is secured on both sides by a small neck strap that goes behind your neck.
BurpGear by Renvoi Bebe
Putnam Valley, NY


This burp cloth is designed with two panels that go over each of the caregiver's shoulders and is secured on both sides by a small neck strap that goes behind your neck. The burp cloth stays firmly on your shoulders, making caring for your baby simple and easy!

Product made with 50% Cuddle Polyester 50% PUL Incredibly comfy fabric for the baby & waterproof to protect the caregiver.


Made in the U.S.A- We have worked hard to deliver a product that is made and manufactured here in the United States. BurpGear uses goods and services from Western, Central, and Eastern United States. We have proudly employed workers all across America.

Travel Compact- An accessory pouch on the underside of the burp cloth allows BurpGear to transform into a travel compact clutch. The clutch can be easily located in any bag, or attached to any baby product (stroller, car seat, etc.) While in use the accessory pouch is a perfect spot to store a pacifier or two!

Leak Proof- Unlike any other burp cloth in the industry, BurpGear is constructed with a leak-resistant design.This unique feature prevents the soiling of caregivers clothing.

Form and Function- BurpGear offers caregivers a selection of high quality, fashionable fabrics that are BPA, Phalate and Lead Free. Not only are the collections beautiful but the fabric is soft and plush, sure to make any baby happy.

Ultimate Comfort- With our “dual panel” design BurpGear offers babies ultimate satisfaction. Caregivers are able to shift the baby easily from shoulder to shoulder without the necessity of transferring the burp cloth.

BPA Free- The product's contoured design not only provides adequate front and rear coverage for maximum protection, but allows users to feel comfortable and confident while burping their child.

Hands Free Design- Our patented “dual panel” design accompanied by BurpGear’s signature neckband, grants all users the flexibility needed to focus on caring for the child.

100% Washable- BurpGear is machine washable making it easy and convenient for use on a daily basis. High quality construction ensures durability after repeated washings, and a long lasting product.

Adjustable- This product has been designed to fit comfortable for any caregiver. The simple neck band adjustment provides users the ability to customize the fit of the product.

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Company Info

BurpGear is the only fashionable and functional burp cloth on the market. BurpGear is designed to offer all caregivers 100% protection, while providing infants ultimate comfort. BurpGear is designed by a mom for moms, so it has a myriad of features. First and foremost, the product from "soup to nuts" is 100% made in the USA. The burp cloth can be worn as a dual panel or single, is handsfree, adjustable, 100% machine washable, and is BPA, Phalate and Lead free. BurpGear also conveniently rolls up to become a travel compact clutch which can be easily located in a diaper bag or hung from a stroller.
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