Constitution Quest Game

Constitution Quest Game


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Constitution Quest Game The Constitution Quest Game is a fun and easy way to learn the US Constitution! Engage your family& friends in a quest to increase your Constitutional IQ.
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The Constitution Quest Game is the most fun and easy way to learn, understand and teach the US Constitution! Engage your family or classroom in a quest that will increase your Constitutional IQ as you navigate the three branches of government to discover the text of this precious document. Preserve freedom and promote constitutional literacy with a delightful board game that brings alive the American system of limited government for novices and experts alike.

Designed for 2-4 individuals or TEAMS ages 10 and up, this game has simple directions and can easily be played in less than an hour. Our American-made game has been endorsed by Constitutional scholars, and students say Constitution Quest has helped them to pass their government exams with confidence!

Included with the game are complimentary copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, as well as hundreds of game cards filled with constitutional information covering all the Articles and Amendments, including: the three branches of government, powers granted and denied, checks and balances, laws from the Articles, the Bill of Rights and other Amendments, historical facts and dates, and more.

What's YOUR Constitutional IQ?

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With a passion for literacy and informed, responsible, and actively engaged citizenship, Cognitive Square, Inc. is dedicated to create high quality educational materials, based on proven strategies, in order to enhance and maximize learning for all ages.

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