Freedom B. Proud - Pozy Bear

Freedom B. Proud - Pozy Bear


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Freedom B. Proud - Pozy Bear The Freedom B. Proud Pozy Bear conveys a message of Love your Country and Live with Pride. This Teddy and everything else found on KeepAmerica is made in the usa
Bloomwood Originals LLC
Bailing Springs, PA


Love your Country and Live with Pride.

Hand Painted, Fully Jointed, Cast in Resin

5.5" sitting position


POZY Bears are NOT TOYS and not intended for children. POZY Bears are designed as keepsake gifts and not intended as playthings for small children. We do not recommend POZY Bears be given to children 8 years of age or younger.


We accept returns if damaged during delivery. Please notify us via email within 7 days upon receipt of delivery, explain the damage and we will arrange the return. We will also accept a return for any product that is not what was expected when purchased from our shop.

Company Info

Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland, I learned at an early age to appreciate nature and the beautiful mountain ridges that surrounded my childhood home. It was also here where I discovered my passion for art and the creative process.

After high school, I became the first in my family to graduate from college earning a BS degree in Fine Art from Frostburg State College, nestled in the mountains of western Maryland. Shortly after graduation, I accepted a position as a paste up artist with a small publishing company, Hobby House Press® located in Cumberland, Maryland. It was here where I was first introduced to the world of teddy bears through one of their publications, Teddy Bear and Friends®. During my tenure with the company, I quickly developed an appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship found within the antique and artist teddy bears featured in the publication. It was also here where I learned of the rich history of the teddy bear and the emotional connection people young and old have found with the teddy bear for over 110years.

After 11 years in the publishing business, I decided to join Boyds Bears® as their Vice President of Marketing, quickly getting involved with the many aspects of the business including product design and development which was my true passion. Spending over 12 years with the company, I gained a new appreciation for not only the bear biz but for the gift business in general. Finding myself getting more deeply immersed in gift product design, I began to better understand how impactful an inspirational message can be when placed on a product and given to a person recovering from an illness or when a Mother is looking for the right words to express how much she loves her daughter. My time with Boyds broadened my passion for design as well as the art of impactful messages, inspirational quotes and everyday funny observations which I incorporate into everything we create at Bloomwood Originals.

After 12 wonderful years with the Boyds Collection, I headed out to pursue full time my passion for design and developing products that make us Smile. POZY Bears was the first line I introduced. I had worked for years, on and off trying to develop a jointed wood carved bear that could move around when held and sit with that kind of “loved and tattered” posture that our favorite teddy bear from our childhood would develop after years of bed time stories and adventures around the back yard. Today, we offer resin reproductions of the original wood POZY Bear in many forms with many different messages that have become great gifts for family and friends.

We’ve also introduced a line of products featuring my own artwork and illustrations. Similar to POZY Bears, my style tends to be simple in nature but expressive with a message. I’ve been doodling little smiling characters for years. This past year I decided to start incorporating a few with of my drawings with some of the inspirational quotes, funny thoughts or little comments I hear in everyday life that have made me smile or pause for a moment. We’ve then created a great collection of wall and desk signs by using an ink transfer process on a wood panel.

So, Welcome to our Bloomwood Originals Shop! My goal is to add new pieces throughout the year that are funny and inspirational every day gifts for family, friends and neighbors. We are also proud to say that everything sold on our Bloomwood Originals shop is made in our studio located near Boiling Springs, PA. Happy Shopping and please let us know if there’s a question or special request.

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