Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt


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Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt High quality,heavy weight, pre-shrunk, full zipper hooded sweatshirt...80% cotton 20% polyester full zipper hooded sweatshirt. 100% proudly made in the U.S.A.
All American Clothing Co.
Arcanum, OH


9.5 Oz. High quality heavy weight pre-shrunk fabric

80% cotton 20% polyester full zipper hooded sweatshirt

Lycra in cuff and band

Front pocket with matching drawstrings on double lined hood

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Our denim jeans are an American icon that can be worn with pride. Each jean is handcrafted right here in the USA with USA made materials. In fact, you can trace our All American Brand jeans back to the farmers who grew the cotton used in your jean! “Our mission is to support USA families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price. By keeping our production in the USA we provide jobs and a tax base that supports our communities. We care about our country and the people in it; if we were only in it for money we would move our production overseas. We will NOT trade USA jobs for foreign profits.”- BJ Nickol, Co-Founder All American Clothing Co. offers you high quality USA made jeans and clothing at an affordable price. The company offers a unique ‘All American Traceability’ program in which each jean comes with a ‘traceability’ number. Enter the number at www.allamericanclothing.com and the company will tell you exactly which American workers were involved in producing your USA made jean. All American Traceability supports over 12,000 American workers, including the farmers and mill who were involved in producing your jean.
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