Lazy Hands - Black & White Checkered Phone Grip

Lazy Hands - Black & White Checkered Phone Grip


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Lazy Hands - Black & White Checkered Phone Grip GRIP YOUR GEAR with LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-free grip for your iPhone / Smartphone / Cell Phone. 100% Grip free comfort & Made In The U.S.A.
Lazy Hands
Larkspur, CO


GRIP YOUR GEAR with LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-free grip for your iPhone / Smartphone / Cell Phone.

Helps prevent hand cramps and dropping.
Allows for grip-free use and comfort.
Applies to your mobile gear or its case.
Thumbs-free, ergonomic, comfortable and very secure hold.
Removable finger grip.
Includes 1 2-loop thumbs-free grip and 1 adhesive-backed loop strip.
Installs in seconds. (Will not adhere to silicone.)

Fits Most size for most teenagers, most women and most men. XL size for extra large hands.

U.S. Patent No. 8,690,211. Made in U.S.A.

Return Policy

Returns only accepted within 5 days from when product is received. Must be a manufacture's defect with proof of defect. Product must be return UNUSED.

Company Info

LAZY-HANDS Thumbs-Free Grips for mobile devices by Kernelope Enterprises were created by Colorado inventors, Christine and Danny Potter. LAZY-HANDS is a thumbs-free grip attachment for tablets, eReaders, smartphones, clipboards, remotes, small tools and other lightweight objects. LAZY-HANDS attaches to the back of the mobile device or its case and allows the user to comfortably, easily and securely handle the device with just one hand without dropping it. No more awkwardly gripping and pinching the device with both hands. The dream of curling up and reading a good book will come true with LAZY-HANDS, allowing you to recline in any position and relax while reading anywhere.

LAZY-HANDS was launched at the 2011 National Hardware Show and was awarded a 2011 Retailers’ Choice Blue Ribbon Award from Hardware Retailing Magazine. Judges in the hardware trade were impressed with the unique LAZY-HANDS product design, and viewed it as an outstanding product for the retail industry—with the potential to sell extremely well at the retail level.

LAZY-HANDS attended the January 2012, 2013 and 2014 Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas, and the 2014 National Retail Federation The Big Show as a Partner with Microsoft in New York City. They will be in Las Vegas for the 2015 CES and the New York City 2015 NRF The Big Show.

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