NEW YORKAug. 29, 2012 --'s call to action: Over the last 10 years, unemployment has risen from a stable 5.8% in 2002 to a volatile 8.3% in 2012. Obviously having millions of our jobs sent overseas has had a tremendous impact on this statistic. The same way that this didn't occur overnight, it is also true that this problem cannot be solved instantly either.  A 2-3 percent difference in employment may not sound like a huge gap at first glance, but with our nation's eligible workforce number at approximately 200 million, the few percentage points equate to about 5 million jobs.  It has been well documented by now that if every American allocated just $30 of their monthly budget to buying American made products, we could collectively create over 1 million jobs here at home in just 1 year.  But let's think bigger for a much as we want to get out of this mess right NOW, we need to plan for the next decade so we can get out of the deep end and have our children enjoy the stability that they deserve.  Major European Nations have already stated that they consider Chinato be the world's leading economic power and if we continue at this same pace of economic decline, this won't even be an argument in the next few years.  The foundation needs to be rebuilt now so that future growth will abundant rather than unreachable.

So what's the solution?  How do we create these millions of jobs?  The answer is quite simple but will only work if we unite as a nation and fully confront what we've caused, as we tend to do only when faced with a national tragedy.  It's a harsh reality to swallow, but it is sadly true!  Now on the bright side of things...this jobs plan is something that we can ALL get behind, regardless of whether one leans to the left or right.  We, as Americans, need to focus on buying American made products, making the creation of 5 million jobs a reality.  Yet, there is a huge obstacle in the way of this plan, there are not enough wanted items on the market to make this feasible.  Products made by small and medium size businesses, in the United States, are truly something that we should be proud of!  The innovation, the quality, the attention to detail, and safety are what makes "Made in USA" so special!  Unfortunately, it has been proven that this is not enough to compete with the enormous marketing and branding power of the leading American Companies, that for the most part, all outsource 100% of their manufacturing to China and other countries around the globe.  There are exceptions such as New Balance, Little Tikes, Crayola, Levi's, and a hand full of others that at least produce a portion of their goods in the United States, but here is where our "Call To Action" must be stated and even screamed so the voice of the American consumer is heard.  We are all aware of the PR nightmare that Ralph Lauren found itself in by making the opening and closing ceremony uniforms of our US Olympic team in China.  We should all look at this as an opportunity to make things right.  After all, most influential changes in history only took place as a reaction to an event that infuriated the masses.  In a first step in trying to make a change in the right direction, Ralph Lauren made the following statement: 

"Ralph Lauren promises to lead the conversation within our industry and our government to address the issue to increase manufacturing in the United States."

Of course, critics will say that this was just a PR move to clean up the mess, but as an iconic American brand that has created thousands of jobs in this country, we should give them the benefit of the doubt that they have seen the light and will keep their promise.  Furthermore, we should also hold the other "Super Brands" to the same standard and here is where our jobs plan can take off...imagine the economic impact and job growth that would be created if every major American Company that we find in malls across our nation produced 100 percent of at least 1 of their product lines here in the United States.  We should all call on companies like Nike, Reebok, Gap Inc.,Tommy HilfigerKenneth Cole, etc. to offer at least 1 item in various colors and sizes ALL MADE IN THE USA!  Dare to dream of what would happen if technology and electronic companies got on board with this concept!  This drop in the bucket for them would be a downpour of prosperity for our country.

With an unemployment level among military veterans 25 years of age and under at a mind blowing 30 percent, there isn't a better workforce in the world than our country's bravest and most disciplined to handle the increase in factory jobs.  With a trickledown effect spreading like wildfire, businesses nationwide would need more employees in every industry, providing opportunity for all Americans looking for work a chance to find a job.  Most people may also be shocked to find out that positions in factories can be quite lucrative with enough dedication. There is substantial data given by factory owners across the country that an employee can earn an annual salary in the 6 figure range after about 10 years, definitely a tempting number for the vast majority of the population.  Now, 10 years may seem like a long time, but let's all remember that that's how long ago 2002 was, when our nation was riding high economically.  Both in tough times and high points in life, time flies!  Let's all come together, insist that ALL major brands do their part, and all make the future a bright one!