Neck Hugger | Soothe Neck Pain & Relieve Tension

Neck Hugger Lavender


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Neck Hugger | Soothe Neck Pain & Relieve Tension Soothes a cramped neck, loosens tension and releases sinus congestion. Use it at your desk, while you watch TV or as you are cooking. Proudly made in the USA


This horseshoe shaped cushion is filled with 2 lbs. of cherry pits. Soothes a cramped neck, loosens tension and releases sinus congestion if used with mint or eucalyptus oil. Used widely by customers who suffer from serious neck injuries. Heat it up before you get into the car or while sitting at your desk. Use it at home as an instant SPA-ME pack and add a drop of your favorite essential oil. Makes a wonderful gift for a special lady in your life. • Neck injuries , • SPA-ME instantly • Use to cool down in the summer heat • Keep warm with in the winter • Soothe fibro aches and pains • Ease R/A discomfort

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Warmables was born by chance. All we where looking for was to create a gadget that would keep our boys lunch warm for a few hours. A professional seamstress, I started making heating pouches using various materials. They kept food warm for 2 or 3 hours, but not long enough for Isaiah to take a warm meal from home and eat it at lunchme in school. That is when I remembered the comforing warmth of cherry pits. I was born and raised in Switzerland and have been exposed to using cherry pits for heat in early childhood. Europeans have made use of cherry stone heat for hundreds of years.

So I added a little bag with the heated pits to the warming sleeve. To our delight, it helped keeping our son's meal warm for up to 6 hours. Soon we found ourselves selling our Warmables Lunch Kit to other parents who wanted healthier school lunches for their children.

Demand started growing and we decided to turn our idea into a business. We added several heat packs in various shapes and sizes to our offerings and went to the Philadelphia Gift Show in July 2012. Warmables took off right then and there; we are now offering our products nationwide.


As you already know, the tiny hallow stones have been used for that purpose for some me in Switzerland and all over Europe . Due to their being hollow the pits hold heat for an impressive amount of me. It is a deep, moist heat, yet the packs are dry to the touch. That warmth is extremely soothing for people who suffer from Fibro , RA or other chronic pain as it “sinks” into the muscles and last for an impressive amount of me. Of course the packs can be used for headaches, cramps, cold feet and many other ills. Store one in the freezer and use as gentle cold pack ideal for babies and elderly people as well. Cherry pits are totally sustainable as they would be garbage if not used for items such as our Hot'n Cold packs. Warmables packs lend themselves splendidly to aromatherapy as they can be washed after essential oils have been applied. Thank you for your interest in Warmables . We are a small family business located in Jersey City and appreciate your business.

Yvonne Fricker


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