Quattro Leather Credit Card Case


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Quattro Leather Credit Card Case Named the Quattro for the four stitch design that holds this card case together, our newest case is made from a single piece of leather.
Rogue Industries
Standish, ME


Named the Quattro for the four stitch design that holds this card case together, our newest case is made from a single piece of leather. Hand-stitched in Maine. Perfect for daily use, or as a backup case for your less frequently used cards.

• Premium leather and waxed thread.
• Maine Made, U.S.A.
• Comfortably holds 10 cards and folded currency.
• Length: 3 1/2" - Width: 2 5/8"
• Weight: 0.9 oz

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Company Info

Rogue Wallet Company was created when the founder went to his doctor with significant lower back pain and the medical advice given was to simply stop sitting on a rear pocket wallet.

Astounded that this simple measure indeed demonstrably did improve his back, the patient then went on to locate a stylish front pocket wallet for improved comfort and security. After looking at literally dozens of styles, he noticed while doing laundry that the front trouser pocket was actually curved and not rectangular. All of the front pockets wallets, however, were created with sharp right angle designs and none matched the natural curvature of the pocket.

With this simple combination, the idea for the first curved front pocket wallet was created.

Since then, over 155,000 of these wallets have been sold all around the world. The basic curved offering in black leather has expanded to 80 separate design offerings. Product expansions now include women’s wristlets, passport covers, travel journals, Kindle, iPad and iPhone covers. Materials include stainless steel, ballistic nylon, bovine and American Bison, and customized textiles.

Recognizing the emerging need for identity theft protection, Rogue Wallet was among the very first leather goods companies to offer radio frequency identification (RFID) shielding products and credit card shields.

Rogue Wallet opened their first design studio in Portland, Maine 2011 and was recently given an Entrepreneurship Award for Innovation. The prestigious Entreverge award was presented to Wells Lyons, Creative Director and General Counsel, by Propel, the young professionals network of the Portland Chamber of Commerce. With over one hundred businesses nominated, only five were selected for their innovation and contributions to the Maine business community.
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