Rose Quartz Clinging Cross©


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Rose Quartz Clinging Cross© Rose Quartz Cross with Poem
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Clinging Cross© has an inset dove in the center. It comes boxed with a card that shows how to hold the cross and Jane's poem. The cross is a constant reminder that God is with us at any time of the day or night and in all of life’s situations.

The Clinging Cross Actual Size 3-78” x 3-1/4”

Clinging Cross Poem
When my mind is fuzzy
And my eyes are dim with tears,
I need to feel Your presence, Lord,
And know that You are near.
When my heart is racing
And my thoughts have such a sting,
I tightly grasp this little cross
And prayerfully I cling.
It's not a magic piece -
This cross Your father planned,
But when I cling to it
I feel Your nail-scarred hand.

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Company Info

Jane Davis was inspired to create the Clinging Cross in 2003 and is exclusively Made in America. The Clinging Cross, the Clinging Cross necklace and Clinging Cross touchstone have been a real comfort to those in times of stress, turmoil or uncertainty and in times of joy and peace. All have been overwhelmingly received by the faith-based community and hospital gift shops. Because of their special colors, they are a perfect gift for baptisms, confirmation, graduation, or for any occasion that needs a special spiritual uplifting or word of thanks.
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