Silly Creatures K-BEU Mom Pillow

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Silly Creatures K-BEU Mom Pillow


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Silly Creatures K-BEU Mom Pillow This cute plush creature is also an organic cotton pillow, a puppet and a fun educational toy for all ages. K-BEU Mom Pillow has a baby inside to be delivered and nursed. Children can also feed her and help her go potty.
Silly Creatures
Redmond, WA



Ages 1 and up - SKILL LEVEL 1

Made of super soft organic cotton fleece, hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals. K-BEU Mom Pillow is the perfect sleep companion for your child also providing many ways to play, learn and explore.

Children can find the baby in K-BEU Mom Pillow’s womb and nurse it at one of her teats. Additional babies can be purchased separately and up to three babies can fit in her womb. Pillow firmness can be adjusted by adding or removing babies.

K-BEU Mom Pillow has also digestive tract that allows her to eat and go potty. She can be fed big stuffed cotton balls that can be pushed through her stomach and guts and pulled at the other end. One food piece is included and more can be purchased separately. Food pieces inside K-BEU Mom Pillow’s stomach can also be used to adjust pillow to desired firmness.

K-BEU Mom Pillow can also be used as a puppet for a fun interactive feeding game or puppet show.

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Fluff back using safe hair dryer. 100% organic cotton.


Plush dimensions are 12” x 16” x 5”

Mesh carrier adds to play value and provides a means for storage and transportation. This reusable packaging is made of 100% natural organic fibers to help reduce waste and environmental pollution as well as protect children from exposure to chemicals.

Third party tested to conform to ASTM F-963-08 and CPSIA for safety requirements.


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The company prides itself on its social responsibility and all products are made in the USA. is committed to being green with their products and packaging as well as daily operations in an effort to improve the world around us. Their mission is to offer the highest quality and value with the lowest carbon footprint. The company is also very involved in school fund-raisers and charitable events that benefit children.

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