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Silver King of the Keys
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Silver King of the Keys - Short Sleeve This shirt is made to be as resilient as the tarpon. Made from 100% American cotton, it is sure to stand up to long days and many a battle between angler and fish.
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he “Silver King of the Keys,” also known as a Tarpon, is one of the most sought after game fish in the crystal clear waters of southern Florida and the Florida Keys. Known for being quite elusive and the strenuous fight they provide, catching a tarpon makes for a memory not easily forgotten. This shirt is made to be as resilient as the tarpon. Made from 100% American cotton, it is sure to stand up to long days and many a battle between angler and fish. Our motto is “Preserving the Sporting Lifestyle” and this shirt is a testament to that. Here at Over Under Clothing we are dedicated to cultivating a love for the outdoors, through our products and designs that will last for generations to come.

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We here at Over Under strive for nothing less than excellence. We take much pride and care in everything we do and customer service is no exception. We guarantee every product we sell to be of the highest quality. If a product you receive does not meet our standards, we will exchange your order within 30 days of your purchase.

Items must be sent back in the same condition as sent. We cannot accept products that have been worn or washed.

If a particular item does not fit perfectly to your liking, Over Under will exchange the unused item for one that will be of better fit.

Company Info

Welcome to a higher standard. Welcome to a brand that is not only rooted deep in American tradition, but that prides itself upon the fact. Welcome to a lifestyle that is as authentic as those who helped create it. Welcome to OVER UNDER CLOTHING. Our story is quite simple really. We are a company dedicated to bringing you fine apparel and accessories with only American grown and manufactured products. From these goods, it is our hope to make a lasting impression on wetlands and at risk dogs through financial donations to impactfull nonprofit organizations such as Ducks Unlimited North America and Lab Rescue shelters across the nation.

We took our appreciation for high quality, traditional clothing, our genuine love for man's best friend and our desire to help "Preserve the Sporting Lifestyle," mixed the three ingredients together and the outcome was just too good to keep all to ourselves. A corporate job in a falling market, a true outdoorsman's spirit longing for the freedom from the daily grind, two amazing chocolate labs and last but certainly not least, a loving and supportive wife were all major contributing factors to the birth of Over Under Clothing.

My love for exceptional and traditional clothing began at an early age, but was fine tuned in the classic city of Athens, Ga. Just after attending UGA I was employed by a locally owned Men's Haberdashery that still thrives today by the name of George Gibsons. It was here that I began to truly understand what superior clothing really looked like, felt like and fit like and I decided I wanted more of it. Rewind my life 26 years ago and you would see a wide-eyed six-year-old boy going on his first dove shoot just outside of small town Hope Hull, Alabama. While sitting in that brown top Alabama millet field with my older brother Matt, my dad and my grandfather who I knew as Papaw, I fell in love with the sport of wing-shooting as well as a particular breed of retriever, and they would both change my life forever. It would be three more years before my arms were long enough to properly pump my father's Winchester model 42 .410 gauge shotgun and almost 2 decades would pass before I would personally know the indescribable bond that is formed between retriever and master. But, as the sun began to set on that hot September day a fire had been ignited deep within my six year old soul, and so began my love for the shooting sports and man's best friend.

Mix that undying passion with the inseparable bond that is formed between a man and his dog, a genuine love for the United States of America, a true appreciation for and a hands-on knowledge of fine clothing and the homegrown recipe you get is for none other than Over Under Clothing. So pull up a comfortable chair, bring your dog a little bit closer and feel free to stay as long as you like. We hope you'll find just what your looking for and we'd like to personally thank you for doing your part in "Preserving The Sporting Lifestyle."


Bryan D. Horn

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