The "Original" Serius™ Strap Suspension Trainer

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The "Original" Serius™ Strap Suspension Trainer


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The "Original" Serius™ Strap Suspension Trainer The “Original” Serius Strap Suspension Trainer is the perfect product at the perfect price for your office, training room, or your home. Now includes 20 minute instructional DVD and Free Freight
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The “Original” Serius Strap Suspension Trainer is the perfect product at the perfect price for your office, training room, or your home. Now includes 20 minute instructional DVD and Free Freight

Tighten up and strengthen arms, shoulders, back, core, legs, abs, glutes, and improve endurance and flexibility. That sound too good to be true doesn't it? The fact is you will experience all this and more as you use your Serius™ Strap. Suspension Training has taken the professional fitness and conditioning market by storm for one very simple reason --IT WORKS! Suspension exercise in natural body weight exercise that's easy one your joints, easy to learn for a quick and totally effective whole body workout or an excellent way to target specific muscles and muscles groups. This is functional exercise that you'll put to use in everything you do in your busy life. Search "suspension training" on Youtube and you'll see thousands of training videos featuring exercises for every possible fitness levels and objective.

The “Original” Serius™ Strap includes everything you need to begin a total body, functional, exercise program. Simply attach the overhead strap over any door, to a fixed position anchor, like a ceiling beam, or a tree limb, and you’ve hundreds of exercises for anyone from the first time exerciser to a professional athlete.

The “Original” Serius™ Strap features:

1. Two (2) Handle and Anchor Straps that feature our exclusive MarV® 180 Degree Rotating Handle; these handles give you the ability to correctly position your wrists in the optimal position to maximize your exercise, safety, and comfort.

2. Bundles sewn into the straps lock the straps in place when used over a door. The end of the straps includes a metal clip ring used to wrap the strap around an over head anchor point and clip in place.

3. 1.5"-inch polyethylene webbing and hardware are rated at over 600 pounds tensile strength for your security and safety.

4. Adjust your straps up or down with the cam buckle to increase or decrease the amount of lean and resistance you need.

5. Foot cradles are attached to both handles allowing you to secure one or both feet for plank, leg, and core exercises.

6. Easy to follow wall poster and DVD that will guide you through the use of the Serius™ Strap and put you on the road to true, functional fitness. We recommend the hundreds of videos you will find on the web featuring training techniques, exercises, and tips on how to use your Serius™ Strap to achieve exactly the results you want.

The most natural form of resistance is your body’s weight and gravity. The most functional form of exercise is using these two naturally occurring forces to improve your strength, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, balance, flexibility, and joint function.

Suspension Exercise has been around for decades, but it has only recently become an outrageously popular form of exercise. You will find a suspension exerciser in nearly every athletic training center, health club, and personal training center in the world. Suspension Exercisers have been issued to thousands of our military personnel because of their extreme portability, ease of use, and the functional, athletic results this form of exercise provides.

“The Rotating Handles on the Serius™ Strap allows me to put my clients in the bio mechanically correct wrist position for the different exercise we do in suspension. I’m fitness professional, and doing what’s right for my client is important to me, that makes the Serius™ Strap my choice for suspension training.” Aaron Ayers Jr. Professional Fitness Trainer

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