Tru Protection

Made In USA
Burbank, CA

We may be in the tech industry, but we’re environmentalists at heart. That’s why we’re passionate about bringing you smartphone cases that are as kind to your device as they are to your world.

Our smartphone cases are eco-friendly and local-minded from their USA manufacturing right down to their recycled packaging. In our case collection, you’ll find products that use sustainable materials as often as possible. For our nature-inspired designs, we partner with regional artists who are dedicated environmental stewards. And the giving back doesn’t stop there: through our Trü Gives Back program, we donate 15% of the sale proceeds from each smartphone case to an environmental nonprofit with strong ties to our oceans and our communities. It’s our little way of taking a minute out of our busy 21st Century lives to show love for our environment.

For tech consumers who want to take protection to the next level, we offer high-quality, durable screen protectors that shield your device’s screen from smudges, dirt and beyond. Our film protectors are precision-cut to fit your screen like a glove without ever compromising its high-definition display. When you pair these films with our eco-friendly cases, your device will be ready for whatever life throws its way.

As Los Angelinos, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by an environment that inspires, nourishes and enriches us every day. We hope you’ll join us in embracing eco-friendly tech and a greener life.

Play it Safe. Protect it with Trü Protection.

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