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Woodys Originals Inc. Healthy Pet Brush Checkout the Therapeutic Healthy Pet Pin Brush or Comb with the Rolling Bands Massaging Attachment for Dogs, Cats, and Horses
Woody's Originals Inc.
San Jose , CA


One of the best professional pet brushes on the market for dogs and cats! The Healthy Pet Brush by Woody’s Originals Inc. is a professional grade pet brush for dogs, cats, and horses.

The Healthy Pet Brush not only maintains a healthy coat, but also gently soothes and massages your pet. Its uniquely designed roller easily lifts loose pet hair from your pet’s coat while creating a sensation that calms and relaxes. People and pets love it!

This brush is excellent for pets of all ages, whether they’re healthy or suffering from sensitive and painful health problems such as, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, DEGENERATIVE NERVES, JOINT DISEASE, TIGHT MUSCLES, SENSITIVE SKIN, POOR BLOOD CIRCULATION ,or HYPERTENSION.

The Rolling Massaging Bands are a very effective tool for calming down hyper pets. This attachment is best for Medium to Long hair pets, while the comb attachment is best for pets with long and unruly fur.

The healthy pet brush will help to make your pet happier, healthier and shinier. Easy to clean, this is the perfect pet grooming tool for your pet.

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Woody’s Originals Inc.™ is based out of San Jose California and is committed to supporting and nurturing our four legged friends. The Healthy Pet Brush was invented as a calming and relaxing alternative to standard grooming tools that can irritate skin and cause discomfort.
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