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How to Bring Jobs and Prosperity Back with Made in America Products


Made in America has been and is a strong symbol of top quality, highly innovative, and safe products but lately it is hard to find products that are “Made in the USA". It is important for all of us to know what happened, how, and why did our jobs go overseas? But most importantly, how do we get jobs back in America?! So many jobs have gone to manufacturing plants in other countries that it has actually now become difficult to find products that are American made. We would all love to buy products that are manufactured here at home, but where do we find them? A new organization and website called “” is stepping up to that challenge and helping people find products that are “Made in America”


December 12, 2011 – According to economists, if every American spent $64 on Made in America products during the holidays, it would create 200,000 jobs. If every American spent $704 on American made products this holiday season, the approximate amount that the average American spends on holiday shopping, it would create 2.2 million jobs! Officially launching on Presidents' Day weekend 2012, will be offering thousands of amazing American made products in all categories across the board, but why wait till then to make an impact...Based on the magic number of 64 dollars, has just launched an exciting holiday shopping event on their site! All items listed have been deeply discounted by American manufacturers and will be specially priced at $64, with most of the items originally retailing for well over $100! Now every American can do their part in creating jobs while getting incredible deals on items that they want and love! This holiday season, Gift a job for the holidays! The concept is simple yet the results can be American made gifts and be directly responsible for creating millions of jobs in the United States!



To prove their point and show the need for the site, created a holiday shopping challenge last Sunday. They took to the streets of New York City, and gave three random families $704 each to spend, with only one prerequisite; The money had to be spent on Made in America products only. See how it turned out, here is the link to the challenge:


Do your part to help our country get back on its feet, immediately create jobs, and ensure that you have safe & high quality products in your home for your loved ones. Get on the bandwagon today and buy "Made in America" at!



About Keep America is a direct response to the need to create and keep jobs in America. It is a tool to put Americans back to work, producing top notch products for all of us to enjoy. was created partly out of concern over unsafe imported products that were being recalled for countless reasons.'s founder, David Seliktar, was inspired to create this concept because of his concern over the safety of his three young children when hearing about all of the serious safety issues with children's products that have been imported from overseas. Coupled with his concern that American workers are being replaced by workers in foreign countries every minute, he decided to take action and create this website that will help people find safe American made goods and act as a catalyst to move our economy in the right direction.


The vision for is to become a household term as the destination to find all things Made in the USA. KeepAmerica has already been approached to create brick and mortar franchise stores in cities across the country and at this time is a direction for the near future. Visit and start buying "Made in America" products today.